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The film Blueberry Blood And Bubblegum Joints was screened online as part of the remote film club with  @theremotebody X @restfestfilmfestival on the 1st February 2024, followed by a Q&A.

charliejlfitz_photo_1711059255262.webp (1).jpg

In January I exhibited in the group show Open All Hours, the 2024 Shape Open exhibition. Which explored "the pressurised relationship we have with time, productivity, and the pace of our modern, increasingly digital, society." I exhibited a film piece I made in 2021 'Lo-fi Sick Woman Odyssey' with music by Oscar Vinter.


The exhibition ran from 9th - 21st January (12pm-5pm), at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, 198 Railton Road, London, SE24 0JT and Online: 

Creative team:

Jeff Rowlings - Head of Programme, Shape Arts

Elinor Hayes - Creative Producer, Shape Arts

Emily Roderick - Assistant Producer, Shape Arts

April Lin 林森 - Shape Open alumnus and selection panellist 


With work from…

Mike Bamgbala, Eskild Beck, Uma Breakdown, Emmy Clarke, Fatma Durmush, Yasmeen Fathima Thantrey, Charlie Fitz, Paul Fletcher, Lan Florence Yee, Yarden Fudim, Carole Lee, Oliver McConnie, Tracey Payne, Jamila Prowse, Simon Raven, Samiir Saunders, Josie Rae Turnbull and Diana Zrnic.

1 (3).png


28 November - 2 December 2023

Private View: 18:00 - 20:00, Tuesday, 28 November 2023


I will be exhibiting in Cura, In Transit's first in person exhibition in Manchester at Smolensky Gallery, accompanied by an online exhibition.

Cura takes from the Latin word which means ‘to take care’ or ‘to help’. Cura showcases the work of women artists Arabel Lebrusan, Charlie Fitz, Latifah A. Stranack, Mira Hirtz and Naomi Harwin. These artists undertook In Transit’s residency where they explored how access can be a creative and intellectual consideration in their practice - moving past the checklist for meeting the needs of disabled audiences in museums and galleries. 

This exhibition is more than a display of art; it is a living research experiment. We invite you to be part of the process, to learn alongside us, and to help us test the effectiveness of creative access on audience engagement.


RSVP for Private View 

A painting of an eye and an eyebrow with images of waves overlaying it.

Unlimited Micro commission 

On Wednesday 21st June 7:00pm and Thursday 22nd June 7:00pm, Touretteshero will be performing their new show Burnt Out in Biscuit Land at the Riviera International Centre, Torquay in association with Doorstep Arts as part of the Collaborative Touring Network .

To accompany this I have been commissioned by Unlimited and Doorstep Arts to make a short film piece and small exhibition which share themes with the show.

My new work has been adapted from a short story that I originally had published in Drawn Poorly zine issue 7.

Blueberry Blood and Bubblegum Joints is a modern folktale film piece and mixed medium exhibition by artist Charlie Fitz. Set on the coast, the film tells the story of a shielder who creates a companion out of everyday objects; exploring themes of invisibility, isolation, resilience, community and disability pride.


The film and the exhibition will be at the same location as Burnt Out in Biscuit Land, so get your tickets via Doorstep Arts for the Touretteshero show and see my work there too!

There are also live stream tickets available for people who can't make it there in person. Tickets here. 

A collage of a woman in a hospital bed with a group of men looking at her. Over the image is collage style text of the words, "I am not an imposter".

Artist, researcher, patient - exploring the value of the transdisciplinary practitioner in the medical humanities with Charlie Fitz.

Thursday,  18 May 2023, 17:00  18:00

I will be delivering this talk to the CHASE Medical Humanities Research Network.

Details here.

a poster for "Tools of Rest". The title is a the top with resting up Collective's logo underneath. At the bottom of the poster are 4 tools - a saw, screwdriver, hammer and pliers - with arrows coming from the top of them pointing to floating text boxes with the words "Slowing down" "dreaming" "collaborating" and "Creating" in them

Workshop: Tools of Rest by resting up collective

Nottingham Contemporary
Sun 30 Apr, 1pm–2.30pm

As a member of Resting Up Collective I will be delivering this workshop with Jen Brough and Ellie Page. 

Information here.

26470022 (1).JPG

February 2023 

From February 2023- June 2023 I will be the artist-in-residence for Photoworks X Ampersand Foundation at Wigwell Lodge.

Episode 3_ Charlie Fitz_ On Using Art to Reclaim the Medical Narrative + Ehlers-Danlos Syn

So Life Wants You Dead

In the summer I got to sit down with the hilarious Nora Logan 

Listen to my episode here



Look Deeper Zine Issue 03

This Summer I collaborated with Look Deeper Zine for their third issue on a feature with a photo shoot. 

My partner Oscar Vinter also contributed as the photographer on my shoot.

Issue 03 is now available for pre-order here.


Image credit:

Right - Shot from Look Deeper shoot 

Creative Direction & styling Ellie Darby Prangnell

MUA & Hair Annabelle Miller Make Up

Styling & hair assistant Camp My Style

Photographer Oscar Vinter

Wearing Lils & Sorrell Jewel Rings 

IMG_4169 (1).jpg

Image credit: Look Deeper Issue 03 cover 

Photographer Lauren N Brooks

Model instagram @illy.willie

Computer generated graphic. Background layer is a photographer of a performer in a sparkly bodysuit with arms outstretched. This image has a cyan blue overlay. The second layer is made up of white triangles, not filled with any colour but outlined faintly in white. The final layer contains text reading 'Shards: contemporary representations of disability' alongside the Shape Arts logo, the British Museum logo, and the Shape Open exhibition logo.

Shards, contemporary representations of disability

21 Jul 2022

In collaboration with Shape Arts, artists Alexandrina Hemsley, Sop, Alec Finlay, Andrea Spisto and I will be taking over The British Museum for an evening of performance, provocation, and discussion around contemporary representation of disability.

Learn more about Shards here.

Image credit: Maelstrom Under Glass, Alexandrina Hemsley, Yewande 103 (2020)

Shards, contemporary representations of disability

21 Jul 2022

In collaboration with Shape Arts, artists Alexandrina Hemsley, Sop, Alec Finlay, Andrea Spisto and I will be taking over The British Museum for an evening of performance, provocation, and discussion around contemporary representation of disability.

Learn more about Shards here.

Image credit: Maelstrom Under Glass, Alexandrina Hemsley, Yewande 103 (2020)

A graphic exhibition logo. Two panes - possibly mirrors - with split text reading 'in the mirror'.

In The Mirror - Shape Arts Open

Opens 30th June, online

I will be exhibition artwork in the Shape Open.

"Back for its tenth consecutive year, twenty-five international disabled and non-disabled artists respond to 2022’s curatorial theme: ‘In the mirror' 

In culture, mirrors are used to symbolise truth. It is also said that art is a mirror turned on society, reflecting the issues and mood of the current moment. In this way, the artist interrogates and sheds light, revealing things that might otherwise be disguised or hidden. 

For disabled people, however, too often what they find in the cultural mirror is distorted, filled with representations that are not only untrue, but harmful, damaging to individuals and communities.

This exhibition treats the subject of disability differently, using the lens of lived experience. Taking place in an age when mirrors are everywhere, even in our phones, it challenges the processes and assumptions that forge our ideas of who we are, and how we are shown."

I got to take part in the music video for Different

Different is a Pride single by Chloe Martinez released to support AKT Charity by VEVO. 
Stream 'Different' here:

Link Tree (iTunes etc):
Unfortunately, I couldn't make the studio day of filming the video as I was still recovering from surgery in Barcelona but I made a little appearance! A big thanks to Chloe for asking me to be part of such a beautiful video. 
Please go watch it, as every stream, share or download will help shelter homeless LGBTQ+ Youth via supporting the charity AKT for Pride Month.

Screenshot_20220428-235507 (1).png

We Are Birmingham

28 Apr - 30 Oct 2022

I am a featured artists at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery as it reopens with an exciting radical transformation of its iconic Round Room.

We Are Birmingham will reflect the people of 21st Century Birmingham. Presenting a vivid celebration of the city that Birmingham is now, as well as aspirations of what the city could become, We Are Birmingham is a collaboration between a group of six young people of colour from Don’t Settle and Birmingham Museums.

Created using items from Birmingham’s collections the exhibition forms part of a culmination of a three-year programme to address representation and complex histories within the heritage sector, and to better understand how Birmingham celebrates and reflects on itself in an innovative and contemporary way.

Birmingham 2022 Festival presents We Are Birmingham. Curated by Birmingham Museums Trust and Don’t Settle in partnership with Beatfreeks. Generously supported by Arts Council England and The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Lead image credit: The Past Is Now by Sarah Maple © the artist.

A Birmingham university film poster with the text  "5TH B-FILM SYMPOSIUM 20TH APRIL 2022  2PM GMT ON ZOOM 'CINEMA IN THE MARGINS: ON THE EDGES AND BORDERS'  Charlie Fitz  Birkbeck College, University of London  "Narratives of Space and Time in Unrest"  Abstract:  In the video essay, "Narratives of Space and Time in Unrest", Charlie Fitz presents Jen Brea as a filmmaker in the margins, arguing that marginality fuels innovation. The video essay also explores space and time in the film, employing Michel Foucault's conception of heterotopias and Alison Kafer's notion of crip time."

I will be delivering a work-in-progress video essay on "Narratives of Space and Time in Unrest" remotely at the 5th B-Film Symposium at Birmingham University on the 20th April 2022 on Zoom. Afterwards the video essay will be available to watch.


Nineteen forty - 2022

18 March - 17 April 2022

Preview: 6pm (MY), 10am (UK), 19 March 2022

In Transit is delighted to present ‘Nineteen forty - 2022’, showcasing works by artists - Pablo Paillole, Yasmine Aminanda, Abdul Shakir and Charlie Fitz – as part of the pilot residency. The exhibition explores our relationship with the past and how this informs the way we view ourselves, others, and build the future.

The presented works use archival structures as a tool for questioning the worlds we find ourselves within. Some works examine identity and representation by bringing to the forefront issues such as, the extent to which social and ethnic groups are present in mass-media depictions, and how these portrayals are being shaped.

This exhibition is co-curated by Celina Loh  and Elizabeth Low. 

Image credit: Detail of still from ‘March 2022: Intransit’ (2022) by Yasmine Aminanda. 

Join us for the preview where we will walk through the exhibition and describe each work in further detail!

Link to register for Nineteen.

An advertisement for the exhibition ‘HYSTERICAL’. It is a close up of one of @CharliejlFitz collage with white text over the top with reads:  "HYSTERICAL  CHEER UP LUV X BEELUSTRATES 25.03.22 03.04.22 no format gallery  Alloy House, Deptford Foundry  Studio NF01, Casting House,  Moulding Ln, Arklow Rd, London At the bottom are the logos of @noformatgallery @UNWomenUK and @Mermaids

March 2022 

I am one of the artists in HYSTERICAL, an exhibition co-curated by Bee Illustrates and Eliza Hatch of Cheer Up Luv for women's history month.

The exhibition is supporting UN Women UK and Mermaids Charity.

It opens for the PV on the 24th of March and opens to the public on the 25th and runs till the 3rd of April!

LOCATION: no format gallery Moulding Lane, Deptford, London

"It is a celebration of women and marginalised voices using art for activism, HYSTERICAL is a community centred group show featuring artists whose work is centred on activism and uplifting the voices of those around them. The theme of the show is to subvert the notion of "dramatic" or "hysterical" women** and to reclaim words that have been historically used to silence, discredit and oppress people of marginalised genders when speaking on issues they face."

Press: the exhibition has been featured in It's Nice That and Diva Magazine.

Screenshot 2022-02-22 at 22.37.39.png

January / February 2022 

I am taking part in a virtual residency with In Transit for 6 weeks which will culminate in a group exhibition. 

Check out my virtual studio updates.

exhibition square 1.png

December 2021 

Since March I have been part of Triad³ an ACE funded arts practice trio which centres collective care. 

Triad³ is an intersectional trio of disabled womxn creators. We all found working as freelance artists whilst shielding through a pandemic isolating. So when Ellie invited Jacqui and I to work with her, we all decided to create a support network for one another. 


Our first exhibition introduces our practice and way of working together. Visit it here: Exhibition, work in progress 

November 2021 

I presented a video essay in a scratch form on 'Resisting the "sick" through self-portraits' for Resting Up Collective and hosted by the remote body. Although I will upload the entire video essay when it is in a polished state, you can catch up on what I presented. Watch it here: link

A pale yellow square with a pale blue circle with see-through clouds in the bottom right-hand corner that stretches halfway up the image. Across the top of the image, the resting up logo is in the top left-hand corner (it is a dark green pillow with the words resting up across three lines in pale yellow, red and green). There is a cross between this and the remote body’s logo (the words the remote body are across four lines with a blank second line. Text reads  ‘21st October - Pressing on Tender Points - Jennifer Brough in conversation with Amy Berkowitz 28th October - Writing the SICK body - workshop with Olivia Spring 4th November - Resisting the "sick role" through self-portraits with Charlie Fitz 11th November - Mapping the Fluctuating Body - with Ellie Page 18th November - Excavating how My Body Keeps Your Secrets - Jennifer Brough in conversation with Lucia Osborne-Crowley 25th November - Becoming Unfamiliar with Jane Hartshorn’
A pale green square with a pale blue circle with see-through clouds in the bottom right-hand corner that stretches halfway up the image. Across the top of the image, the resting up logo is in the top left-hand corner (it is a dark green pillow with the words resting up across three lines in pale yellow, red and green). There is a cross between this and the remote body's logo (the words the remote body are across four lines with a blank second line. Text reads:  Thursday 4th November 7pm GMT / 12pm PST / 3pm  Resisting the "sick role" through. self-portraits with Charlie Fitz  Through a brief history of sick artists who work(ed) in self-portraits and performance art, artist Charlie Fitz introduces her concept of 'the assisted-self portrait' and places her work in the sick archive alongside Frida Kahlo, Leonora Carrington, Jo Spence, and Abareshi Panteha.  Places limited. To RSVP, please email to RSVP with 'resting up collective - Charlie Fitz' in the subject.

August 2021 

Able Zine issue 2 published and available in print and as a digital issue.

Issue 2 explores the theme of ‘Environment’ through the lens of disability and the perspectives of the wider disability community at large. I took part as a model and artist in the fashion editorial 'See You At Home' which features in issue 2. Get your copy here: link

The front cover of Able Issue 2. Featuring a portrait of artist Charlie Fitz, a white disabled woman in her late 20's, with long brown hair, thick brown eyebrows and dark brown eyes. She is against a light grey backdrop,with pale pink bra straps visible above her chest, holding a long handled hair comb above her right ear. On her right ear lobe is a gold hoop, featuring the phrase 'disabled & proud' within. On her hand is a gold thumb splint featuring a chain around her wrist and on her fourth finger, there is an oversized multi-colored ring with a chain accessory attached to it. She is smiling and looking towards the camera from a slight 45 degree angle. Above her head, there is an Able logo, which looks slightly 3D.
The back cover of Able Issue 2. Featuring a back portrait of artist Charlie Fitz, a white disabled woman in her late 20's, with long brown hair separated into two side ponytails, with a healed surgical scar laying pink and vertical down the middle of her neck. Beneath the scar is a gold necklace featuring the phrase 'disabled & proud'. Her ponytails are gathered with coloured hair bands down the length of them and her scalp is parted in diagonal lines, with coloured triangular and rectangular clips attached to her hair in random placement. There is a second necklace strap with assorted gems laying across her right shoulder and the image sits within a white border.
A miniature set of a bedroom with a pink bed frame in the centre with a movable table covering the width of the bed with painting materials on top. The room has wooden floorboards with dark green walls, green polka dot potted plants, a nightstand with a pink tea cup and rabbit vibrator. To the left of the room is a white bed harness, two crutches against the wall and a leopard print wheelchair are in the centre. The blue and white text, from top to bottom reads, "See You At Home" and "9th July 6-9PM", "Outdoor Exhibition Street Party @Kiosk N1C-Coal Drops Yard" "Please ensure you follow current Covid-19 guidelines".
Pink and blue pastel coloured background with text that says "The Able Zine team would like to invite our friends, family and the wider disability community to join us for an outdoor street party, to celebrate our new exhibition currently on display at Kiosk N1C, Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross, London ALL ABOUT ACCESS Outdoor seating, step-free access, accessible and gender neutral toilet facilities and disabled blue bay parking nearby  BEVERAGES + BYOB There is also several small shops, cafes, and  bars to buy food and drinks along the street  COVID-19 Regulations Please sanitise regularly, wear masks indoors and maintain social distancing outside  SCENT-FREE Event Please respect our guests and avoid wearing perfumes and strong fragrances.
Pink and blue pastel coloured background with text that says  ‘ACCESS INFORMATION   4/5   The nearest accessible rail and tube station is King's Cross & St Pancras International which has step-free access. It is approximately a 6 minute walk away.   There is ramp and lift access to Coal Drops Yard at yard level from Granary Square, next to the canal-side steps. You'll also find lift access to the Viaduct Level above, from both Western and Eastern Coal Drops.   You'll find public toilets on Lower Stable Street (south), including two accessible WCs with a family room. At the Western Coal Drop (north) there is one accessible WC and family room.   If you have any other access questions or requests please   let us know directly:’
Pink and blue pastel. coloured background with a black and white map in the centre of the image. Text above the map reads "Location" and text below from left to right "Kiosk N1C" "Able Zine Logo" "N1C Coal Drops Yard". The map. depicts a route from King's Cross Station/ St. Pancras with an arrow towards "King's Boulevard", continuing "Over the Bridge" and a curved arrow reads "Down the slope" to "Coals Drops Yard Kings Cross". There are rows of dots and lines indicating other streets and places on the map.
an image advertising an exhibition. The background is baby blue. There are two photographs side by side, with pink borders. The left image is of Charlie Fitz a white disabled  woman in her late twenties with long brown hair and brown eyes modelling a bathroom scene. She is in underwear, a robe, sits on a shower chair, wears crocs, with her legs on a small stall and is holding a long handled comb in her hair and wearing gold hoop earings and ring splints. The right hand image is a close up of a luxury and wheelchair accessible bathroom miniature model. In shot is the double sink area. The sinks are pine and white and have space for a wheelchair to fit underneath. Layered aboved these photos at the top and bottom of the image is text in white writing with a blue border, reading "SEE YOU AT HOME".
An image advertising an exhibition. A white box with a baby blue border and blue text. At the top of the box is the text "Able" which is the Able Zine logo. Underneath is the subheading reading "ISSUE 2 EXHIBITION". Beneath that there is text reading "This exhibition features a selection of images taken from an editorial in Able Zine issue 2 called 'See You At Home'. Working with multiple collaborators, these photographs taken by David PD Hyde illustrate the idea of both functionality and modern design within the home space. Featuring several models that represent a spectrum of visible and invisible disabilities, it showcases adaptive clothing brands and assistive devices designed to allow those with disability to enjoy maximum independence and aesthetic freedom. This concept is also represented through the photographed miniature sets created by artist Lucy Drew Bell to bring to life the ideal accessible home environment for our models. (Deniz Eskisan, Charlie Fitz and Oscar Vinter).
The image is the logo for Sisters of Frida. To the left is a painted stamp with a green bird on it. To the right is red text that reads: Sisters of Frida. And underneath that in black text, it reads: Disabled Women.

8th March 2021 

Sister Stories

My series 'Making space for trauma' was published on Sisters of Frida. Check it out here: link

8th March 2021 

Sister Stories

My series 'Making space for trauma' was published on Sisters of Frida. Check it out here: link

8th March 2021 

Sister Stories

My series 'Making space for trauma' was published on Sisters of Frida. Check it out here: link

December 2020

Publication - Blog for XES Products. Check it out here: link

Screenshot 2020-12-21 at 14.33.22.png

17th November 2020 

Oddball Space Artist of the week.

This week I am artist of the week at Oddball Space an online art organisation, which hosts virtual exhibitions. Read the Q&A here: link

A title page for Oddball Space artist of the week. A digital collage artwork: layered on top of a rotated film photograph of a verdant maze floats the figure of a young white woman on the right hand side of the frame. She is wearing a multicoloured bathing suit comprised of yellow, orange, green and black patterns. Cutting across her body are the strikethrough lines from text which reads: 'doctor said "it's all in her head"/ doctor said "she's better off dead". Over the collage there is white writing which reads Charlie Fitz.
An image of a book cover. The cover has blue horizontal lines and verticial dashs in another shade of blue. In the top right corner is The Emma Press logo, a blacn and white stick figure drawing of twp people in a circle, with the words; "The Emma Press" written under the circle. In the middle of the book cover in black text it reads "The Emma Press / Anthology of Illness / Edited by Amy Mackelden and Dr Dylan Jaggard".

7pm BST, 2nd October 2020 

Emma Press Anthology of Illness Virtual Book Launch.

If you would like to know more or book a space click here: link

If you would like to buy a copy click here: link

8pm EST, 17th September 2020 

Feels Zine Virtual Launch of the 'freedom' issue.

If you would like to know more or book a space click here: link

Feels Zine square event image. The background is a photo of a blue sky with white clouds. In yellow next the word "freedom" is written across the screen in an uneven diagonal line from top left to bottom right. Underneath in smaller writing it reads "September 17 / zoom storytelling launch / 8pm EST // PWYC donation / ticket sales to Legacy of Hope Foundation". 

News in September 2020 

Publication - Interview for Lacuna Magazine. Check it out here: link

A cartoon by the artist Crippen. The cartoon is a drawing of Charlie as a warrior in silver and gold full body armour and a gold helmet with small wings on. She holds a large paintbrush and pallet.

12th August  2020

Interview in Disability Arts Online with Crippen.

I was interviewed in the Disability Arts Online magazine about disability, the social model and my art practise. Along with that interview Dave Lupton aka Crippen created an incredible cartoon, to the left is part of the cartoon. The full interview and cartoon can be viewed here: link

10th August - 10th October 2020

Oddball Gallery, Locked/Down, Virtual Exhibition

My Vulva Series is currently being exhibited virtually with Oddball Gallery in the exhibition Locked/Down, a virtual exhibition in the form of a text based game. The archive of Locked/Down exhibition is still available to view.

A photo of a window with open blinds. Over this image are a pattern of shapes in various pastel colours. On top of these shapes it reads in black text 'Locked / Down, Virtual Exhibition, Oddball Gallery 10th Aug - 10th Oct.'
A turquoise square, with a pink circle inside of the space. In the middle of the circle also in turquoise it reads 'SPACE #6'.

August 2020

Profile Gallery, Virtual Exhibition

Part of my 'Be Patient' series is currently being exhibited virtually at Profile gallery in Space #6 alongside other artists. 

Profile gallery describe the exhibition as 'exploring the uses of language, technology and our bodies' stating that the work 'brings to light how we forge our individual collective conscience through prescribed structures.' View the virtual exhibition here: link

News in July 2020 

Publication - ‘It’s All in Your Head’ – The Dangerous Legacy of the ‘Sick Role’ in dubble. Check it out here: link


Publication - 'The anxiety of a proud disabled womxn' & 'Disability community'. Check it out here: link

News in June 2020 

Publication of the art essay - 'Assisted Self-portraits: Creative collaboration, intimacy & physical acts of care' in the Able Zine newletters, Care in the Time of Crisis. Check it out here: link

Saturday 16th May 2020

4pm PST / 7pm EST

Cordella's Virtual Launch Party!

I will be reading poetry, along with many other performances from many of the issues contributors.

Although this event has already happened you can watch the recorded event at: 

Cordella's Virtual Launch Party!

At the top and bottom of the image there are 4 tiled images, 8 in total, left to right with vintage photographs of different women from diverse ethnic backgrounds. In between the two rows of images it reads in capitalised font "save the date for Cordella's", underneath in larger italicized font "Virtual Launch Party", below that in standard smaller font "Saturday, May 16th 4pm PST / 7pm EST". Below in smaller italicized font "Celebrating our first print issue with poetry and prose readings, live music, and interactive conversations with our contributors!"

News in May 2020 

Lutte Collective (a place for chronically ill & disabled artists) featured the awesome creative and Able Zine founder Claudia Rose in May. Read Claudia's interview here to learn more about here work, she also mentions Charlie Fitz (me) as an artist to watch.  Check it out here: link

Friday 10th May 2020

7pm GMT

I will be reading poetry remotely from my bedroom for the bedroom series for the remote body.

Visit the remote body instagram account to find out more!

the background is purple with a pale green swatch of what looks like snake skin in the bottom left corner. There is black text that reads: ‘Our second evening bedroom performances Friday 10th April 7pm GMT Readings/performances from Leijia Hanrahan, Charlie Fitz, Elizabeth Atherton & Tamsyn Chandler  RSVP to with subject 'RSVP bedroom 2' for zoom link and password  Places are limited!’
In the far distance a white woman sat with her back to the camera on a wooden stool. She is wearing black underwear. A woman photographer with her back to the camera in all black is composing a photograph. Another figure in the foreground watches them with their back to the camera. In the distance is a blue photography backdrop and on the left side of the frame a soft box light.

Saturday - Sunday 28th & 29th March 2020

Behind The Scars Instagram takeover

In February I took part in Behind The Scars a photography campaign created by Sophie Mayanne celebrating scars and the stories behind them.

I took over the Behind The Scars instagram account for entire weekend. The takeover is saved in the highlights, check out the post here: link

News - 26th November 2019 

The body posivity and scar campaign Love Disfigure shared my scar story on Instagram.  Check it out here: link

poster designed by Mel b

Black and white poster advertising the launch event of the Partisan Access Fund. On the left hand side of the image is the access fund logo which consists of a low building with a small roof and chimney and the words "Partisan" underneath the words "Access", underneath which there is a key with a wheelchair logo next to the word "fund". Text on the reads from top to bottom: "x more details to be announced soon.x [..] Launch Event [..] Sick of Being Patient: Diptychs [..] Charlie J Fitz & Oscar Vinter [..] Thursday 20th June 2019 [..] ART// EXHIBITION // MUSIC // SALE //RAFFLE //GRUB // FUNDRAISING // ACCESS [..] Partisan Collective, 19 Cheetham Hill Road, M4 4FY. Poster designed by Mel B.

Sunday 23rd June 2019

Access Fund Mash Up!

Dulcimer Bar, 567 Wilbraham Road, M21 0AE Manchester, United Kingdom

Exhibition//Pen Fight//Still Ill OK //SNS

Facebook event link

Thursday 20th June, 6 pm - 9 pm

Partisan Access Fund Launch Event

Partisan Collective
19 Cheetham Hill Road, M4 4FY Manchester, United Kingdom


Facebook event link

Webpage event link

Sick of Being Patient is proud to be supporting the Partisan Access Fund in collaboration with STILL ILL. Learn more here: Partisan Access Fund Launch Event

Poster reading: "radical acts of care, an exhibition at Ganapati Restaurant ''. Ganapati Restaurant is hosting an exhibition called Radical Acts of Care, showcasing the collaborative work of partners in art and life Charlie Fitz and Oscar Vinter. The exhibition aims to raise awareness of Chance4Charlie, a fundraising campaign for life-saving neurosurgery for Charlie, as well as issues surrounding vulnerability and the nature of caring. We would like to invite readers to create visual artwork or present writing on the theme of Radical Acts of Care, to be shown alongside Charlie and Oscar's work and be part of the exhibition. Submissions need to be A6 (postcard size) - please post your artwork, drop it in, or email digital files to the restaurant. info@ganapatirestaurant.comWork shown will be for sale at the private view /fundraiser at Ganapati Restaurant. Monday 1st April 6.30pm. Part of the exhibition will be virtual and can be viewed at


Monday, 18 February 2019

from 19:00-20:30

Robinson College, Cambridge

I will be exploring the relationship of the “sick woman” to art and activism and how art engagement and art practice can be used as a tool to highlight narratives of sickness and disability to challenge the predominantly abelist narratives that dominant politics, culture and society.

Poster reads in white font 'Robinson College Feminist Society presents, Feminist Art & Activisn. With guest speakers Charlie Fitz and Elizabeth Gordon. The background of the image is a large faded red toned image of paint, a paint brush and a paint covered palette knife. There are four images in circle frames, one in each corner of the poster. Top left an image of Charlie outside in her wheelchair. Under that a bold black illustrated logo of a fist holding a paintbrush within the female symbol. Top right a photo of Elizabeth with her first in the air mimicking her logo. Under that is a painting done by Charlie of a red figure holding an IV pole.

26th January 2019 2.00pm-3.00pm 

Sick Women: Art Tour and Talk

(This event has been postponed for medical reasons.)

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