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Articles & Essays

The assisted self-portrait, the interdependent self in portraiture - Arts of the Working Class, Berlin (November 2022), Print Publication

'In the shadow of Trauma' - Life Continues After (November 2021)

'Disability Pride: Unlearning Shame and Reclaiming Pleasure’ - XES (December 2020)

‘It’s All in Your Head’ – The Dangerous Legacy of the ‘Sick Role’ - dubble (July 2020)

Babe has bowels: talking about bodily functions in relationships - Uncomfortable Revolution (March 2020)


Navigating the Space Between Visible and Invisible Disability  - The Mighty (June 2018) 

How This Hashtag Challenges Ableism and Stereotypes About Disability - The Mighty (May 2018) 

How Our Culture Is Still Hungover From Diagnosing Women With Hysteria - The Mighty  (March 2018) 

Interviews & Art

'How I sleep at night' artwork -  Zine Issue 03 (October 2022), Print Publication

'On Fatigue and Art Making' interview and artwork - Lassitude Zine Issue 1 (September 2022), Print Publication

IN TRANSIT Interviews: Charlie Fitz  - Interview of Charlie Fitz with Celina Loh (April 2022)

Charlie Fitz: Artist of the week - Oddball Space Artist of the week Q&A (November 2020)

'We demystify the negative association of caring for someone' - Interview for Lacuna Magazine (Sept 2020)

Charlie Fitz 'Sick of Being Patient' - Interview with and cartoon by Dave Lupton aka Crippen in Disability Arts Online (August 2020)

Radical Acts of care, collaborative poetry & photography diptiches with Oscar Vinter, in Issue Thirteen of Cordella Magazine: Rebellion (March 2020) Print publication



Night-Time - The Resting Up Collective (June 2021)

Happy Birthday, in The Emma Press Anthology of Illnessedited by Amy Mackelden & Dylan Jaggard

(September 2020), Print publication

Disability community - Isolation Series in The Grapevine Zine (July 2020)

Short fiction

Blueberry blood and bubblegum veins, in Drawn Poorly Zine Issue 7 (November 2021), Print publication 

Buoyancy, in No Tokens Issue 9 (May 2021)

The berry eater, in Papeachu Review issue three Beginnings and Endings (January 2020), Print publication

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