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lo-fi sick woman odyssey - an audio visual snippet of living from a bed
Film made during a TRIAD³ creative day. 
First exhibited as part of the Triad3 exhibition.


Embodied Lo-fi, digital collage, 2021

Image Description – a digital photo collage of a white woman with glasses and straight brown hair in a ponytail lying in bed in front of a window working on an ipad. She wears a green top and red cardigan, her legs are under a duvet. Apart from the pillow and duvet, the bed has been erased and replaced with swimming pool water, as if she is floating next to the window. There is a small tan long-haired chihuahua standing on her legs, with his front feet on the window ledge looking out. The view outside has been erased, with rough edges and is replaced with a blurred photo of lights and buildings at night time, created through moving a camera, giving the impression of movement and speed outside the window. There are some lines drawn on the women outlining her and a red hot water bottle is drawn on as if on her stomach.

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