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Below are stills from the art film: lo-fi sick woman odyssey - an audio visual snippet of living from a bed (2022)

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 21.45.06.png
Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 21.43.33.png
Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 21.44.07.png

lo-fi sick woman odyssey - an audio visual snippet of living from a bed (2022)

Lo-fi Sick Woman Odyssey is about living and working from a bed in a sick body that cannot adhere to conventional schedules or routines, whether that be a workday or a regular sleep cycle. I was influenced by the lo-fi girl animation popular on YouTube of a girl working at her desk, almost continuously, soundtracked by a 24/7 livestream of lo-fi music. I created the film in conversation with artists Ellie Page and Miss Jacqui during a TRIAD³ creative day. The film was first exhibited as part of the Triad3 exhibition in 2022.

In January 2024 it was exhibited in Open All Hours, the 2024 Shape Open exhibition. which explored "the pressurised relationship we have with time, productivity, and the pace of our modern, increasingly digital, society."
The in person exhibition ran from 
Tuesday 9th January – Sunday 21st January 2024 at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning in Herne Hill, London. Visit the online exhibition here.


Embodied Lo-fi, digital collage, 2021

Image Description – a digital photo collage of a white woman with glasses and straight brown hair in a ponytail lying in bed in front of a window working on an ipad. She wears a green top and red cardigan, her legs are under a duvet. Apart from the pillow and duvet, the bed has been erased and replaced with swimming pool water, as if she is floating next to the window. There is a small tan long-haired chihuahua standing on her legs, with his front feet on the window ledge looking out. The view outside has been erased, with rough edges and is replaced with a blurred photo of lights and buildings at night time, created through moving a camera, giving the impression of movement and speed outside the window. There are some lines drawn on the women outlining her and a red hot water bottle is drawn on as if on her stomach.

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