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Tactile Experiments

Recently I have been thinking about how to bring the various threads of my creative practice together.

When I first became ill, I started using painting as a therapeutic practice.

Then as my illness worsened, particularly my spine instability and I was mostly confined to a bed, my creative practice became almost completely digital, as working digitally was more accessible to me at that time. So my digital collage and film work developed. Since having two neurosurgeries, I am able to sit up more often and I would like to bring these mediums together. 

I am currently thinking about how to make my digital collages, film and photography work more tactile. I have been looking through Gerhard Richter Overpainted photographs, in which he adds abstract painting on top of photographs in order to give the photos a 'presence'. 

I have an idea for a short film piece made with photographs, similar to Chris Marker's La Jetée. I would use personal and public archival images and I could edit the images with paint and textiles.

I have begun experimenting with paint and photographs.  


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