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Website SEO & accessibility audit

I recently changed my website from to

I changed websites as after a recent artist residency I did I felt more confident in my identity as an artist, I had been suffering with imposter syndrome when it came to my art career previously. I do plan on using the previous website for a project that is currently on the back burner.

I had done quite a lot of work improving the accessibility & SEO of my previous website, so its back to square one. As I do not get paid for this work and I am chronically ill/disabled it may take me a little bit of time.

Steps to improve the SEO & accessibility of my website:

  • I will add simple alt text to all images.

  • For more complex images, such as art works, I will be adding more detailed image descriptions, as text on the page, in addition to simple alt text. I will add this as paragraph text rather than adding detailed descriptions to the alt text, as this can slow down the experience of navigating around a website for screenreader users.

  • I will make sure all my text is labelled correctly for screenreader navigation.

  • I will add the correct meta data to each page to improve my SEO.

  • I will create audio description for all film pieces.

Unfortunately, unless I am able to get funding to support this process, it may take me some time to complete, but I appreciate your patience on my journey to a more accessible and user friendly website.


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