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We Are Birmingham

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We Are Birmingham

28 Apr - 30 Oct 2022

I exhibited in the group show We Are Birmingham at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery as it reopened with a radical transformation of its iconic Round Room.

"We Are Birmingham reflected the people of 21st Century Birmingham. Presenting a vivid celebration of the city that Birmingham is now, as well as aspirations of what the city could become, We Are Birmingham was a curatorial collaboration between a group of six young people of colour from Don’t Settle and Birmingham Museums.

Created using items from Birmingham’s collections the exhibition forms part of a culmination of a three-year programme to address representation and complex histories within the heritage sector, and to better understand how Birmingham celebrates and reflects on itself in an innovative and contemporary way.

Birmingham 2022 Festival presents We Are Birmingham. Curated by Birmingham Museums Trust and Don’t Settle in partnership with Beatfreeks. Generously supported by Arts Council England and The National Lottery Heritage Fund."


A Familiar Way,


by Charlie Fitz (born 1991)

Giclée print of digital artwork.


Charlie Fitz is a Birmingham activist and artist who uses her work to give voice to her lived experience of chronic illness of illness, disability and trauma. Her work resists and challenges the expectation that the 'sick' be patient or passive. This piece is from a series that takes historic object from the Birmingham collection and digitally reconfigures them to become objects of advocacy. Here she takes Ford Madox Brown's 1872 drawing 'Convalescent - Portrait of Emma Madox Brown' to create a visualisation of her experiences.

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