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I created 'Statements of Self' to represent my experience of illness and disability. They are often reactions to a negative stereotype or reductive representation about illness and disability that I have encountered. I encounter these in pop culture, the media, medical culture, history of medicine or from the people in my life. They often don’t come from a malicious place but rather a lack of education of the nuanced experiences of illness and disability, to which I can only speak on my own experience and use my platform to signpost to or highlight the experiences of others where I can. My statements of self aim to counteract the effect these reductive tropes of had on my fragmented sense of self. 


I Am Sick
digital collage, 2022

Disabled Joy.png

Disabled Joy
digital print, 2022

Screenshot 2022-06-25 at 14.34.39.png

digital collage, 2022

A digital collage, the bottom layer is a photograph of a woman having an MRI. Above that i

Hands up if you're struggling
digital collage, 2021

A digital collage. The background is a painted underwater sea scene with green and brown muted tones. There are large rocks either side and multiple fish in the scene. To the left is a cut out of a drawn skeleton on one of the rocks turned away with its head in it's hands. To the right on the other rock is a cut out of a drawing of a woman in period clothing on her knees looking mournful. Over the top of the images are collage cut out letters all in different colours and fonts, reading 'I am so tired of fighting to be believed.'

Advocacy Fatigue
digital collage, 2021

A collage, the background is a painted cloudy sky. In the bottom left foreground is a cut out of a painting of a little girl with blonde hair, wearing a red dress and hat. She is holding an orange in her lap and is sitting down looking towards the right. In the right hand foreground there is a smaller cut out of a light grey scale drawing of a nurse tucking someone into bed. In the top right hand corner is a cut out of a drawing of a white rabbit running towards the left. In the foreground of most of the image but particularly the centre is cut outs of various styles and colours of lettering, which read 'I can not believe we are back here'.

State of emergency
digital collage, 2021


digital collage, 2022

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