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Oscar is my best friend, my carer and my husband. Oscar is a doting uncle, a loving brother, a kind son. Oscar is a meticulous student, a multimedia artist and a composer. Oscar is a Neurodiverse, mixed-race, British, cis, man. Oscar is a second-generation Jamaican immigrant. Oscar is anxious, thoughtful and just. He is all of these things but none of these descriptions captures him in the way a photograph can.


This series explores the intimacy of photography and the relationship between the photographer and the subject. This series uses film photography, photo collage and digital layering to depict the many identities that make up one individual, whilst contrasting the private, interior person with the public, exterior persona. As I am chronically ill and disabled, Oscar has also now become my carer. This uniquely close relationship allows me the time and freedom to create images not only of Oscar but about him.

Charlie Fitz.

                       Explore the photo story here.

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