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Painting of a semi abstract, red colour face. The background is black, the face is floating in the black background and is mostly covered in red, except for the eyes, nose and mouth, which look sad. There is green on the nose.

Feeling fine
acrylic paint on paper, 2019

A scan of an art work of an acrylic painting on a white background consisting of a tableau of red faces and figures which merge into one another, many of which are grimacing. In the upper right of the painting is a larger face with intense penetrating eyes and a mouth agate as in the middle of a wail. Meanwhile on the upper left of the painting is a completely red face with two intense eyes.

Fentanyl Faces
acrylic paint on paper, 2019

Painting of a pink face, looking very thin, back holes were eyes should be, so hair on a black background.

idiopathic stomach paralysis
acrylic paint on paper, 2019

Red outline painting of a brain from birds eye view, with outline stick people tiny faces inside the brain, on a red background.

jugular vein compression & friends
acrylic paint on paper & edited digitally, 2019

A dark blue background, in the centre of the painting is half an orange which casts a dark shadow to the bottom left, the orange has surgical stitching along one segment. To the left is a surgeons hand and arm holding gold scissors with the surgical thread attached. To the right is a small white figure, no details are on this figure they are a blank white shape, resembaling a doctor or surgeon, they have two black shadows below them in different directions. There is also a white block outline of a surgical lamp above this figure.

acrylic on board 2019

Maytre me, like Saint Apollonia (Saint P

'Martyr Me, like Saint Apollonia’.

Self portrait.

Acrylic paint, fineliner, collage on paper. (2018)

Published in Figur Magazine 


watercolour on paper 2018

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