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Medical Muse

Medical Muse is a series of assisted-self portraits created in collaboration with Oscar Vinter in May 2022, a month after I underwent neurosurgery. 



Disabled Power I.

Following the surgery I was feeling powerless, my body had changed drastically again and my existence would need to shift too.

Disabled Power II.


Disabled Power III.

Disability is beautiful I.

My identity felt fractured and I needed to remember who I was and create something static that could ground me in a specific time and place. 

Disability is beautiful II.

I  am my own muse I.

Through the photo series we explore the nuances of my disabled experience; my power, vulnerability and sensuality. 

I  am my own muse II.

Honour Vulnerability I.

Honour vulnerability.png

Honour Vulnerability II.

The process of the assisted-self portrait can be one of intimacy.

Honour Vulnerability III.

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