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description: Black background with a multitude of bright lights (space) with random 4 bigger white lights. A floating (female) face in shades of (milk chocolate) brown, a tube is attached to the nose. It falls down in a wide twist with 2 pennant like attached.

digital drawing & collage, 2020

description: 3 figures in dark green surgical costumes. They are bending over, one with a scalpel in hand. Only the person in the middle has a face, the other 2 faces are integrated into the background – a dark mauvish space with small dots. A circle hangs like a light on the operating table but it has a white marble sheen with blood colour streaks. The person in the middle has the only face, bespectacled with a mask.

Mr Surgeon
digital drawing & collage, 2020

description: figure in a stretcher covered with white sheet, arms and face is hollowed out as space.. There are tubes attached and a breathing tube.

Making space for trauma
digital collage & assisted-self portrait, 2020

Description: Striking contrast of black and white picture of 6 seated women with white nurses’ caps and white uniforms , one in a darker uniform. There is one suited man seated with crossed arms. None of the faces are visible . The only colour is provided by the view from an open window displaying a vibrant sky with a twirl of colours.

Passive Power
digital collage, 2020

description: Dark background with mauvish overtones in space, gets brighter under the curled up female form curled up with a red cloth with knees drawn up. She has a black vest and black undergarment. Her feet touch on seemingly, a blue gleaming crystal. Her head is on 2 red pillows.

It's a struggle sometimes
digital drawing & collage, 2020

Making Space for Trauma
***trigger warning*** medical and surgical trauma.

‘Making Space for Trauma’ is an ongoing series which incorporates digital drawing, collage and assisted-self portraits and drawings to re-contextualise a recent medical traumas. This is a process I have found necessary to make space for and work through this trauma.


In my experience as a young women with a chronic and rare condition and a history of medically documented trauma I have been frequently gaslight by medical professionals and having a history of trauma has often stood in the way of an accurate diagnosis and adequate care.


On the flip side of this the trauma of not being believed, of being sick and of having to fight so hard for medical care has been completely overlooked by Western biomedical institutes which have not taken account of how traumatising being a patient can be. This images make space for my recent surgical trauma.

A version of this series was published on the Sisters of Frida website. View here.

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