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I participated in this film in collaboration with IKEA and Gemma Albone, an excellent producer and director. Gemma and I had many discussions about how I would like to be represented, which I think she has done beautifully. I wanted this film to be a representation of disabled joy, which I view as an underrepresented part of my disabled experience. Although creatives rarely have full control over how we are represented working with Gemma was a true collaboration and a breath of fresh air. I try in everything I work on to avoid being placed in any disabled stereotypes; particularly stereotypes that show my life as something to be "pitied" or something to take "inspiration" from. As our lives as disabled people are often shoehorned into these are two narratives. I wanted this film to show me simply living, creating and surviving; finding moments of joy where I can. I think the film as a stand alone piece has achieved this and I am proud to have worked on it. The film and photoshoot will be platformed at the IKEA festival.

Film credits: 

Featuring: Charlie Fitz, Oscar Vinter,

                   Miss Jacqui, Ellie Page & Stanley
Producer/director: Gemma Albone   
Production: KINTENT + Given Agency 
Assistant producer: Corinne Amos 
Production assistant: Clara Brinquez 
Post producer: Ruth Gibbs 
Agency: Given Agency 
Client: IKEA

DOP: Natalja Safronova
Gaffer: Elena Armellini 
Edit: Lee McKarkeil and Theodore Wright 
Grade: Rob Norman 

A round black graphic with the text 'Disabled Joy is an act of resistance' in collage style text.
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