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Able Zine is a volunteer led and disabled run publication and creative agency in London. In August 2021 I features on the front and back cover of issue 2 and I had artwork included and featured as a model in the editorial  “See You At Home”. A selection of the editorial was also exhibited along Lower Stable Street in Coal Drops Yard with KIOSK N1C

The front cover of Able Issue 2. Featuring a portrait of artist Charlie Fitz, a white disabled woman in her late 20's, with long brown hair, thick brown eyebrows and dark brown eyes. She is against a light grey backdrop,with pale pink bra straps visible above her chest, holding a long handled hair comb above her right ear. On her right ear lobe is a gold hoop, featuring the phrase 'disabled & proud' within. On her hand is a gold thumb splint featuring a chain around her wrist and on her fourth finger, there is an oversized multi-colored ring with a chain accessory attached to it. She is smiling and looking towards the camera from a slight 45 degree angle. Above her head, there is an Able logo, which looks slightly 3D.

The back cover photo was more DIY, I did the hair with the help of a mirror and the image was taken by Oscar Vinter in a makeshift photoshoot in our bedroom.


Disabled & Proud Necklace by Not Your Grandma's

The back cover of Able Issue 2. Featuring a back portrait of artist Charlie Fitz, a white disabled woman in her late 20's, with long brown hair separated into two side ponytails, with a healed surgical scar laying pink and vertical down the middle of her neck. Beneath the scar is a gold necklace featuring the phrase 'disabled & proud'. Her ponytails are gathered with coloured hair bands down the length of them and her scalp is parted in diagonal lines, with coloured triangular and rectangular clips attached to her hair in random placement. There is a second necklace strap with assorted gems laying across her right shoulder and the image sits within a white border.

The cover photo was part of the editorial below

and all "See You At Home" credits apply.


Disabled & Proud Earrings by Not Your Grandma's

Acrylic Ring by Brianna Moreno
Long Handled Comb by Aidapt

A graphic with the title "SEE YOU AT HOME", above an illustration of a house and underneath that text which reads ''What does the dream accessible home look like?  “See You At Home” aims to answer this question on both a miniature and life size scale, illustrating the fusion of accessibility and modern design within an imaginary home environment. Featuring three models that represent a spectrum of visible and invisible disabilities, combined with products that aim to showcase the possibilities within design, we can aspire to create a more positive, inclusive and accessible future  for the disabled community.' '

Words & Graphic by Able Zine

Some photos from the editorial below


Modelled by Charlie Fitz, Oscar Vinter and Deniz Eskisan
Photography by David PD Hyde
Styling by Beatriz S. Maués | Assisted by Sarah Baala
Makeup and Hair by Georgia Hope
Miniatures Set Design by Lucy Drew Bell
Creative Direction and Set Design by Able Zine (Claudia Walder & Emily Sorrell)

Digital and print copies of Able Zine issue two are available here: link

The editorial process was a collaboration from the beginning and miniature set designer Lucy Drew Bell created miniature models of our ideal accessible home spaces with input from the models, she also included several of my artworks in miniature form in the pieces.  In addition I designed an adult bib for the shoot, with a digital collage on which was brought to life by the sewing talents of Emily Fitz-Harris of Crafty Eclair . Photographs of the bib and of the miniatures are below.

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